Finding Magic Mushrooms In Canada 


You’re probably among millions of people in Canada and around the world who are seeking instant gratification and relief by using magic mushrooms which offer psychedelic and therapeutic effects. Have you found the best product and a reputable dispensary yet? Online and local stores have surged in recent years, allowing everyone to enjoy this product anytime and anywhere. There is a nearby shop that you can visit and a digital outlet where a variety of shrooms are sold at reasonable rates. If you’re still indecisive, SwiftGreen is a reliable partner 24/7 to give you 100% satisfaction.

Are you shopping with us soon? Together with thousands of mushroom lovers in our community, you can explore our online dispensary and pick your favourite items. Each product has specific descriptions to guide your purchase. You can also consider reviews to discover the effects from the consumer’s point of view. While this whole process seems easy and self-explanatory, you might find it a bit challenging to find the best magic mushrooms in Canada. Even if you’re shopping at a trusted store like SwiftGreen, there are crucial things that you should keep in mind. You’ll learn the essential facts here. 

What Is A Magic Mushroom?

Magic mushroom is a special kind of plant that can produce magical effects. It contains psilocybin which can alter your mood and perception. Experts claim that the substance offers therapeutic benefits, too. So yes, you can enjoy this product for medical and recreational purposes. You can consume it in several varieties, such as edibles, beverages, or smokeable. In their raw form, magic mushrooms look like dried ordinary mushrooms with long and slender stems having whitish-gray and dark brown caps. Scientifically, it is classified as a group of fungi which is not readily accessible to everyone. You might find it a bit challenging to find magic mushrooms in Canada since sellers need a license to dispense these products. 

Magic Mushroom Effects 

Are you excited for an adventure? It would be like a roller-coaster trip when you enjoy magic mushrooms. They can trigger a variety of emotions and sensations which can kick in instantaneously and last for hours. These amazing effects are a motivating factor among millions who are using this product regularly. If you want to unravel the magic soon, here’s a rundown of what it feels like: 

Cognitive Effects – magic mushrooms can alter your thinking, consciousness, and perception. As a result, you develop profound insights, improved creativity, spiritual experiences, and increased brain activity. This can be beneficial for your work productivity and personal life. 

Emotional Effects – while under the spell of psilocybin mushrooms, you’ll experience positive and negative emotions. These include joy, euphoria, anxiety, and paranoia. But more importantly, psilocybin induces empathy and social adaptability which are associated with feelings of love and connection. 

Physical Effects – as you enjoy magic mushrooms, there are physical effects that will penetrate all over your body. You will notice some changes in your sensory perception, such as enhanced auditory and visual experiences. In some cases, your body temperature and blood pressure will shift.

Chocolates with magic mushrooms I SwiftGreen

Types Of Magic Mushrooms To Buy 

Magic mushrooms can be enjoyed in several forms with different sizes, shapes, flavors, and effects. You must pick the variety suited to your desired experience. So, can you guess which one is that? Of course, you have to familiarize your options first and learn how one product differs from another. Once you have considered all factors, you can try a particular brand and see how it works for you. The short- or long-term use of any shroom would depend on how it’s improving your health and lifestyle. Here are the types of magic mushrooms that you can buy: 

Chocolates And Gummies – these edibles are quite popular nowadays as more people seek a fun and delicious experience. They are infused with psilocybin from magic mushrooms, giving everyone an awesome euphoric and therapeutic sensation. You can bring some chocolates and gummies to your office or when you join parties with friends. This can intensify your emotion, alter your perception, and make everything seem more enjoyable. 

Full Magic Mushrooms – if you’re looking for a standard raw form of magic mushrooms, this product is for you. It comes in a dried plant, either whole or in powder. This allows you to consume psilocybin without artificial ingredients or flavorings. But yes, you can experiment to mix it with other products depending on your desired experience. Look for recipes where magic mushrooms are a perfect blend. 

Magic Mushroom Spores – another raw type of magic mushroom comes in spores. They are classified as either spore sprint or spore syringe. Interestingly, growing mushroom begins at the sporing stage. Some producers extract this material from magic or liberty cap mushrooms for medical and recreational purposes. It offers a different kind of experience, so you might try some soon. 

Magic Mushroom Truffles – some magic mushrooms produce truffles or a dense structure that forms underneath the plant. They contain specific levels of psilocybin like other forms of this product. There are local and online shops selling them to people who prefer this variety. You can also buy this soon for a new experience. 

Infused Meals – many folks love meals infused with extracts from magic mushrooms. This is a trend in the culinary world. So, you’re probably thinking about how you can get a taste of this product soon. You can grind fresh or dried mushrooms and then combine them into your favourite dishes. The flavour and effects would depend on how you cook the product. 

Where To Find Magic Mushrooms In Canada 

If magic mushrooms were easy to get, most people would be buying them every day. Who wouldn’t love to enjoy their therapeutic and euphoric effects, anyway? This is a rare kind of mushroom, yet not quite expensive to have. More companies and retailers are selling them for a profit, with new varieties being introduced to the market regularly. So, where do you get the types of shrooms that would give you 100% satisfaction? Here are your three options: 

Online Dispensary – you can shop for magic mushrooms in the comfort of your home. Search on Google and you will find hundreds of online dispensaries that offer these products. SwiftGreen is a trusted provider of popular brands like our Euphoria PeanutButter Bites (1g). We are your one-stop store if you’re seeking instant gratification. Through an online purchase, you can reduce the cost of your transaction and enjoy convenience. More perks and privileges await you when you join our growing community soon! 

Local Shops – if you get a chance to visit a local shop selling magic mushrooms, you would probably enjoy the experience and find it practical. You can physically examine the products and purchase the items there and then. A store staff might also offer some help as you examine the contents and compare different varieties. Some of these dispensaries are just located nearby – maybe a walking distance, so you won’t travel and pay for fares. This might be a convenient and secure way of purchasing shrooms for some people. You’ll find the names of reputable local stores when you search on Google or ask for recommendations. 

In-Person Purchase – there are many magic mushroom dealers doing business with potential clients. You might be one of those people who would prefer this mode of purchase. This transaction happens between you and the dealer for certain conditions, including payment and customer guarantees. Beware of scams though, so look for trusted individuals that have a license to sell psilocybe mushrooms. Laws should be followed, otherwise, the sale may be deemed illegal. Always safeguard your interests as some retailers might offer illicit access to magic mushrooms just to make a profit. Be prudent at all times. 

How To Consume Magic Mushrooms

Are you elated to try magic mushrooms soon? You will surely love how they improve your mood and thinking. While you decide on the best variety, familiarize yourself with the different delivery methods. Each one can affect the onset time and duration of effects. Here are ways that you can consume magic mushrooms:


  • You can eat magic mushrooms via edibles or meals
  • You can drink magic mushrooms via tea or beverages
  • You can swallow magic mushrooms via pill forms 
  • You can sniff magic mushrooms via powder forms

Proper Dosing For Magic Mushrooms 

You are free to take any dose of magic mushrooms, but overdosing is discouraged for its potential effects. This is the reason why microdosing is recommended by experts since psilocybin can be highly potent for some people, especially newbies. It involves consuming a small amount of the substance until you have determined your sweet spot. Once you feel better while enjoying the product, that’s your ideal dosage. But your tolerance to magic mushrooms can build up over time, so setting breaks might be considered, or you can adjust the dosage. Check the product labels for proper use and always measure how much psilocybin you’re putting in your foods or drinks. 

Potential Health Benefits Of Magic Mushrooms

Yes, magic mushrooms can boost your health and lifestyle when consumed properly. Many scientific studies have confirmed the medicinal properties of psilocybin. As such, countries like Canada have adopted measures to regulate this product and allow its use under certain provisions. If you’re going to enjoy shrooms soon, do expect some miraculous benefits in one way or another:


  • Relieves anxiety and depression
  • Boosts coping mechanism against stress
  • Helps treat certain mental health disorders
  • Increases cognitive performance
  • Other therapeutic benefits come in other ways


Proper use of any magic mushroom products is encouraged among consumers since they can be highly potent and may trigger adverse reactions. If you’re motivated by their potential health benefits, rest assured that the claims in this article are supported by clinical trials. For any concerns, consult your doctor. Check the laws and regulations in your area to safeguard your interests. Consumer discretion is advised. 

Implications For Regular Use Of Magic Mushrooms 

Regular use of magic mushrooms may be beneficial for some consumers, but not for others. You must observe how this product works on your mind and body to decide whether to enjoy it short-term or long-term. Experts claim that psilocybin can be addictive due to its euphoric effects. It works like cannabis in that sense. Consider your medical condition as shrooms work as a psychedelic drug. If you reap health benefits while using psychoactive mushrooms, that’s a sign that you’re comfortable with the substance. You must be purposive in your habit, otherwise, you’ll miss the changes happening in your body. It will always work out for your good, as long as you’re conscious of the effects. 

Practical Tips When Buying Magic Mushrooms

Buying magic mushrooms is a luxury for many folks, so they’re taking this transaction seriously. You should also be prudent when you select products that are ideal for your needs. Remember that your health and lifestyle may either improve or degrade depending on how comfortable you are with shrooms. As you explore the market, keep these practical tips in mind to ensure a clever purchase: 


  • Choose a magic mushroom variety that is ideal for your needs 
  • Access product reviews and ratings to discover the top brands
  • Check the license and reputation of the magic mushroom dispensary
  • Explore and try more magic mushroom products for a diverse experience
  • Beware of scams and the illegal purchases of magic mushroom products

Famous Mushroom Products that You Must Try! 

Not all magic mushroom products out there are loved by consumers. If you want to go all out, choose the famous varieties, instead of a typical mushroom, because they have landed on the top spot for certain reasons. That’s exactly what you get when you shop with us at SwiftGreen. Our online dispensary holds the treasure for premium shrooms that guarantee 100% satisfaction. You will discover how gratifying the experience is once you indulge yourself in our all-time favorites. Here’s a list of our top recommendations for your advantage: 


    Want more? Explore SwiftGreen and you’ll discover many other popular products that offer amazing effects. 


    Can You Buy Magic Mushrooms Anytime And Anywhere In Canada?

    You should be of legal age (18 years old and above) to purchase magic mushrooms in Canada. Local and online dispensaries must also be authorized to sell these products. That’s what the law provides. It is interesting that the same measures are in place for the production, sale, and consumption of cannabis extracts. After all, both of these psychedelic compounds pose potential threats among minors. So, proper regulations are necessary to safeguard general welfare, especially against the sale and use of poisonous mushrooms. If you’re excited to have hallucinogenic mushrooms anytime soon, check the laws first so you won’t get into trouble. 

    How Should You Examine The Quality Of Magic Mushrooms?

    The brand speaks for itself, which is true when shopping for magic mushrooms in local and online dispensaries. You can choose from dried or finished products which have varying levels of psilocybin, flavours, and effects. If there are more people buying particular items, they are good to consider. Just remember that each product works differently for everyone. It’s crucial to set specific goals for using magic mushrooms and then evaluate the results based on that premise. Read the product descriptions, access reviews, and ask customer service if you want to broaden your understanding of shrooms and how they could potentially affect you. 

    Are Magic Mushrooms Better Than Cannabis Products? 

    That depends on the level of satisfaction or relief that you get when enjoying magic or wild mushrooms. As you consume the product, observe how it improves your mind and body. If it’s giving you more benefits, seriously that’s a catch. You can compare the outcomes with your cannabis experience. Both varieties are known for their psychedelic effects, though the sensation and intensity are not the same. If you have friends or associates, consider their insights. Product reviews can also solidify your judgment. 

    Between Online And Local Dispensaries, Which Is More Practical? 

    You can find the most popular wild mushrooms in online shops and local dispensaries. But the cost of transaction and convenience vary between these two options. It might be more practical to buy your favourite items from online stores like SwiftGreen since you can do that at home. You just have to browse our product listings, place your orders, and expect delivery within a day depending on your location. Visiting a local dispensary might also be advantageous if you are living nearby and want to inspect the items physically. The practicability of your mode of purchase would depend on your personal circumstances and preference. Of course, you can alternately shop from one store to another. 

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