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Burn Vape 3g – 9 Pound Hammer (Indica)


Dive deep into relaxation with Burn Vape’s potent 9 Pound Hammer.

Key Benefits:

  1. Intense, enveloping calm.
  2. Premium, pure cannabis oil.
  3. Sleek, discreet design.
  4. Rich fruity flavor profile.
  5. Compatible with most vape batteries.


3g Indica Disposable Pen.

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Burn Vape 3g – 9 Pound Hammer (Indica)

Product Description:

Experience profound relaxation with the Burn Vape 3g – 9 Pound Hammer. This potent Indica strain is renowned for its heavy-hitting effects, delivering a sledgehammer of calm that’s perfect for deep relaxation and restful nights.

Key Features:

  1. Powerful Indica Dominance: 9 Pound Hammer is famed for its intense Indica effects, making it a go-to for those seeking a deep, enveloping calm.
  2. Exceptional Quality: Each cartridge is packed with 3 grams of expertly extracted cannabis oil, ensuring that the full potency and purity of the 9 Pound Hammer strain shine through.
  3. Sleek and Modern Design: The Burn Vape marries aesthetics with performance. Its discreet profile ensures privacy, while its efficient design promises a consistent vaping experience.
  4. Authentic Flavor Profile: Immerse yourself in the rich, fruity undertones of 9 Pound Hammer, complemented by a hint of earthy pine.
  5. Taste Profile: A delightful mix of tropical fruit flavors with a touch of minty grape, 9 Pound Hammer offers a taste that’s as impactful as its effects.


9 Pound Hammer is known for its sedative properties. Users can expect a rapid onset of full-body relaxation, making it an excellent choice for unwinding after a long day or preparing for a deep sleep. Individual effects can vary based on personal tolerance and body chemistry.

Warning: This product contains cannabis and is intended for use by adults 21 and over. Ensure it remains out of the reach of children. Do not drive or operate machinery when using this product. Consume responsibly.

Note: Always consult with a healthcare professional before using any cannabis product, especially if you have underlying health conditions or are on medication.


Frequently Asked Questions

How to buy Burn Vape 3g – 9 Pound Hammer (Indica) in Canada?

Purchasing the Burn Vape 3g – 9 Pound Hammer (Indica) in Canada is straightforward. Visit the official SwiftGreen website, a trusted and renowned online cannabis store nationwide. Navigate to the product section, locate the Burn Vape 3g – 9 Pound Hammer (Indica), and add it to your cart. Once added, checkout, provide the shipping and payment details, and place your order. SwiftGreen ensures a secure transaction process and discreet shipping, ensuring your product reaches you safely and promptly. Remember to always buy from licensed sellers to guarantee product authenticity and quality.

Where to buy Burn Vape 3g – 9 Pound Hammer (Indica) in Canada?

For those in Canada seeking the Burn Vape 3g – 9 Pound Hammer (Indica), the best place to purchase it is from SwiftGreen’s official website. SwiftGreen is recognized as one of Canada’s top-rated cannabis stores, offering a wide range of premium cannabis products. This online platform is user-friendly, ensuring a seamless shopping experience. Moreover, we prioritize customer satisfaction, ensuring each product, including the Burn Vape, meets the highest quality standards. By choosing SwiftGreen, you’re not just buying a product but investing in a trusted brand that values quality and customer satisfaction.

What are the key benefits of Burn Vape 3g – 9 Pound Hammer (Indica)?

The Burn Vape 3g – 9 Pound Hammer (Indica) is a premium vaping product with several notable benefits. Firstly, it provides an intense, enveloping calm for those seeking deep relaxation. The vape contains premium, pure cannabis oil, ensuring users experience the full potency and purity of the 9 Pound Hammer strain. Its sleek and discreet design allows users to enjoy their vaping sessions privately. Furthermore, the vape boasts a rich, fruity flavor profile, offering a delightful sensory experience with every puff. This product marries quality, design, and flavor, ensuring a top-notch vaping experience.

Is the Burn Vape 3g – 9 Pound Hammer (Indica) compatible with most vape batteries?

Yes, the Burn Vape 3g – 9 Pound Hammer (Indica) is designed with versatility. It boasts a compatibility feature that allows it to work seamlessly with most vape batteries available in the market. This ensures users don’t have to invest in a specific battery type or brand to enjoy their vaping sessions. The compatibility feature is a testament to the product’s user-centric design, ensuring convenience and ease of use. So, whether you have an existing vape battery or are considering buying a new one, the Burn Vape 3g – 9 Pound Hammer (Indica) will likely be a perfect fit.

How many grams does the Burn Vape 3g – 9 Pound Hammer (Indica) cartridge contain?

The Burn Vape 3g – 9 Pound Hammer (Indica) cartridge comprises 3 grams of expertly extracted cannabis oil. This quantity ensures that users get a prolonged and fulfilling vaping experience. The 3 grams of cannabis oil in the cartridge is derived from the 9 Pound Hammer strain, renowned for its potent effects. This ensures that with every puff, users experience the full intensity and richness of the strain. The cartridge’s design ensures efficient utilization of the oil, providing consistent puffs from start to finish.

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