SG Craft – King Tart AAAA+ (Indica)


The King’s Tart is an amazing new cross that will satisfy all our dessert lovers, the combination of two sweet and creamy strains to create the most flavored pastry-like combo. We first have the famous LA Kush Cake selected from the Jungle Boys seed drop. An amazing mix of the creaminess of the Kush Cake, with the power and earthiness of the Kush Mint. On the other hand we have the Bubba Slush, our combination of the Bubba Kush and Gelato for that strong creamy and metalic profile combined with the strength and sourness of the Bubba Kush After combining those two strains, we obtained a beautiful and complex creamy explosion that also mix with some very gasy notes that can remind a little bit the complexity of the Sunset Sherbert strain, but combined with the power and earthiness of the LA Kush Cake, an amazing and powerful terpenes combination!


14gram, 28gram, 7gram

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